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charity actions

All our programs entail operating expenditures and capital outlay. Currently public donations, in cash and kind, are our mainstay. However our needs are enlarging and funds are becoming the limiting factor.

about the latest action

At present only 37 children are getting chance of studying in the school but there are more than 200 children around the place are need to be supported. We feel everybody must be given a chance to learn self supporting and managing themselves.

To make the mentally challenged children self supporting their lives vocational training like making phenyl, candle etc. is taught to them which create the confidence for their future. The vocational training obtained by them gives the answer to the question of parents who will take care of mentally challenged children in future. The training will make them not to depend on others or remain burden for their families.


With help of computers a good visual training is provided.

All sorts of medical assistance like Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Speech therapy are provided from the school

Providing medically suggested meals for every individual from the school.

As a social obligation the stressed families are be given assistance of food

Providing clothes, sanitary items for the children.

Help the deserving by awarding stipends and scholarships


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