Smart School India

Less Process

More Protection

mission & vision

To Educate the Children who are mentally challenged, above 3 years by providing training to make them live like others in their future. To Train Mentally Challenged Children and other youths in their various skills by promoting technical training such as tailoring, carpentry, computer training, printing, etc., To Start and maintain Technical and Commercial educational centres, Adult educational centres and encourages and stipends scholarship for the Mentally Challenged Children.


You can help us being a Volunteer / Well-wisher / Donor in cash and kind towards food, clothing, medication, play and learning materials / Creating Endowment funds for specific purpose / Sponsor a Child.

recent programs

We run a Special School which trains children with mental retardation in skills such as self-help, communication, interaction, functional academics, and leisure time activities.


Togetherness makes a difference

Smart School always stands with a grateful heart to all its well-wishers and good hearts who have dared to extend their support against all odds.

Ebbs and tides in running this school had always been balanced by the moral and financial support of many donors and officials around. Thank you for the favor shown towards our smart School Children. They have grown to exhibit your goodness in their day to day life. Thank you so much for all you had been to us in making a difference.