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we are a non – profit

community service based institution

for the Mentally Challenged children.

We provide learning experience and integration, both in academic and vocational training. Individualized study plans are followed, to inculcate social behaviorism and communication skills for day-to-day living.

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You can help us being a Volunteer / Well-wisher / Donor in cash and kind towards food, clothing, medication, play and learning materials / Creating Endowment funds for specific purpose / Sponsor a Child.

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our mission

At present only 37 children are getting chance of studying in the school, but there are more than 200 children around the place who need to be supported. We feel everybody must be given a chance to learn self supporting and managing skills themselves.

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To educate, motivate and train the special child to be self-dependant; to understand his/her society and cope with it as much as possible.

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Mr. Narayanamurthy MA., BL.,

Deputy Superintendent of Police,

A noble service, this school according to me is nothing, but a Temple, Church, or Mosque. God bless the teachers and management.

Mrs. G.T.Ambika.,

Civil Judge,

I wish this institution a great success and my heartfelt thanks to this institution for the service rendered to the mentally challenged children. /p>


I appreciate this institution's great work towards mentally challenged children. I am satisfied much with the way they work among these children, and the well-equipped infrastructure.


Revenue Divisional Officer (RDO) Vellore District,

It is a very great Job. This Organization really helps the deprived sections/children who are neglected by other sections of society.


Needs of normal children of all ages are cared and catered for. But, the so called special children are for most of the time ignored and isolated. Less attention is given to basically comprehend their necessities.

As a Principal of Smart School, I am inclined to analyze and rend the basic needs of these special children, confined to Arakkonam. Due to the physical and mental conditions of these special children, the entire family stands segregated and unaccepted by the society. Smart School looks forward to provide hope and employment to the poor parents as well by accompanying their special child in his/her job.

Smart School progresses with a vision to avail all necessary medical needs for each special child in our premises, such as Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, and Vocational Training. Moreover, on reaching adulthood, these special children are trained to earn their living by equipping them with some self employment skills. Since, the year 2000 the vision had been accomplished without any compromise. It would toil to be so ever after.

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